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Warrandice Absolute warrandice is a warranting or assuring of property against all claims whatever.


This can be a number of things. It is the formal authority by the court to cite a person to appear before it. It is a written authority, for example, from a court authorising certain actions such as an arrest of a person; a search of premises; or an eviction of occupiers. It is also used to signify a document evidencing a right of some kind, for example in a title to heritable property. 


A witness is someone who gives evidence at a court hearing by answering questions put to them by the judge, prosecutor and defence lawyer. If the accused is defending themselves they will ask the questions rather than a defence lawyer.

Writs (1) Documents of title to heritable property. (2) Initiating documents in court proceedings are sometimes called writs, e.g., the initial writ by which certain civil actions are raised in the sheriff court.