The Judicial Office for Scotland is a separate part of the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service. It provides support to the Lord President in the role as head of the Scottish judiciary which includes responsibility for the training, welfare, deployment, guidance and conduct of judicial office holders, as well as the efficient disposal of business in Scottish courts and tribunals. The Judicial Office also supports the President of the Scottish Tribunals in their role. 

The Judicial Office for Scotland incorporates the following teams:

Lord President’s Private Office (LPPO)

The LPPO provides legal and administrative support to the Lord President.

Judicial Institute

The Judicial Institute provides judicial training to judicial office holders.

Strategy & Governance

Strategy & Governance provide policy advice, and logistical and personnel services to judicial office holders. 

Judicial Communications

Judicial Communications provides support to judicial office holders in relation to all matters involving both internal and external communications.

Library Services

Library Services provide legal resources for the judiciary, and undertake legal research on behalf of the judiciary and supporting staff.

Independent Councils

Three separate secretariat teams are based in the Judicial Office to provide support to the Scottish Civil Justice Council; the Criminal Courts Rules Council and the Scottish Sentencing Council.