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Public access - Court of Session Inner House appeals


Apr 24, 2020

Following the hearing of several cases by remote link this week, interested members of the public may now dial-in to listen to Court of Session Inner House appeals.


These cases were the first virtual court hearings in Scotland and involved three judges, the clerk of court, and the counsel representing the parties, all linking to the hearings from separate locations. The media were able to link in and report on the cases.

Following the success of this project, the Court is now able to provide further access to include interested members of the public.

Information on future cases can be found on the Court of Session rolls, and anyone wishing to dial-in to an audio hearing should contact Judicial Communications. They will be provided with the unique dial-in number for each case, along with instructions on how to access the audio hearing.

Although not physically attending court, those dialling in are subject to the same rules as if they were present in Court. Anyone failing to obey or respect the authority of the Court may be subject to Contempt of Court proceedings. In particular, those accessing a hearing:

  • must not record or store the proceedings
  • must not broadcast the proceedings
  • must not, during the course of a hearing, comment on the proceedings using live texted based communications (such as Twitter).

24 April 2020