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Jury Manual updates


Sep 7, 2023

The Jury Manual Committee has updated the guide for jurors to help address misconceptions or stereotypes that could impact jury deliberations in cases involving rape and other sexual offences.


Whilst these have been collectively termed “rape myths”, many of the principles and directions will also be relevant in cases of domestic abuse.

In preparing these directions the Committee has taken account of the recommendations flowing from the Lord Justice Clerk’s report on Improving the Management of Sexual Offence Cases.

The directions and their foundations in law can be found in a new chapter, 'Addressing Rape Myths and Stereotypes'.

The work has resulted in a number of changes to the directions relative to sexual offences and the chapter on prior statements. Other changes have been made to chapters relative to the Sexual Offences (S) Act 2009 (including section 1 to 9 and 11) and mutual corroboration.

The changes have been added to the Jury Manual.