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The Role of a Sheriff - Virtual Event


Feb 22, 2024

On Monday 4th March, the Judicial Appointments Board for Scotland (JABS) will launch a recruitment round through which we will be seeking to make recommendations to the Office of Sheriff in Scotland.

In support of this JABS and the Judicial Office will deliver a virtual information session on Wednesday 28th February 2024 between 6:15 – 7:30pm.

Liz Burnley, Lay JABS member, will chair the session and along with Sheriff Young KC, Judicial JABS Member, will provide an overview of the application process.

The session will also provide an insight into the working life of a Sheriff and will demystify what the role involves. Sheriff Pino Di Emidio, Director of the Judicial Institute, Sheriff Craig Findlater and Sheriff Louise Arrol KC will talk about what to expect from judicial training, their own experiences and journey to the judiciary.

A programme for the event and additional information will be issued in advance of the event. Those who wish to attend can sign up to register here.

Attendees are advised that the session will be recorded. On entry participants will be automatically muted and will not be visible on camera.

The recording will be made available on Youtube from the W/C 4 March. If you wish to turn on closed captions during the session, you can do so by clicking the ellipsis from the options on the top right of the screen, selecting ‘Language and Speech’, and then ‘Turn on live captions’.

If you wish to remain anonymous, on the registration page please enter First Name: A and Second Name: Anon in name fields, and use a personal email address rather than a SCTS or .gov email. We cannot guarantee anonymity if a public office email address is used.

Our website contains information on the role and recruitment process, it may be helpful to consult this in advance of the session. There will be an opportunity at the session to ask questions in the chat box on the role of Sheriff.

If you currently have any questions that you would like answered at the session you can let us know in advance at

A programme for the event and additional information will be issued in advance of the event. If you have registered and are later unable to attend for any reason, we would be grateful if you let us know via email as we have a limited number of spaces for attendees (approx. 90).